Climate Change:
Oct. 31, 2007: Climate Change Will Hit Kids Hardest
A report from the American Academy of Pediatrics outlines ways in which climate change will create increased health threats for children, and advises pediatricians on how to address those threats.

Oct. 24, 2007: Carbon Emissions, Intensity Both on the Rise

A multi-institution study reports that carbon dioxide levels are rising both in absolute amounts and intensity, while the natural ability of land and oceans to absorb carbon dioxide is decreasing.

Nov. 6, 2007: Energy Efficiency Doesn’t Always Reduce Overall Energy Use
A UK study finds that improving energy efficiency can encourage people to use more energy than they otherwise might have.

Oct. 23, 2007: Peak Oil is Here
The Energy Watch Group has released an analysis indicating that global oil production peaked last year and will begin declining by several percent annually.

Food and Health:
Oct. 15, 2007: Red Wine Good Against Food Poisoning?
Researchers have found that red wine and red grape juice can fight the pathogens that cause food-borne illnesses.

Green Business:
Oct. 18, 2008: Nine Solar-Powered Web Hosts
A guide to Web hosting companies that use solar energy to power their services.