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Here’s wishing a happy first anniversary to Green Options, a green-focused blog that has quickly grown from one site to 10, with more to come!

I’ve enjoyed posting a variety of blogs to Green Options sites, acting as the progressive half of the Red, Green & Blue feature that was once a regular part of Green Options, as well as writing about climate change for Planetsave, contributing pithy little eco-items to ecoscraps, and submitting news about global environmental news to EcoWorldly.¬†You can find links to other Green Options blogs in the blogroll on the left of this site.

In addition to being a great source of information on all things green, Green Options also brings together some fabulously committed writers-activists, including founder-publisher David Anderson, senior editor Jeff McIntire-Strasburg, associate editor Noelle d’Estries, editorial assistant Kendra Halliday and contributors Juliet Ames, Beth Bader, Michelle Bennett, Kelli Best-Oliver, Pem Charnley, Clayton Bodie Cornell, Kristin Dispenza, Leah Edwards, Victoria Everman, Carol Gulyas, Whitney Hannaford, Joshua Hill, Gavin Hudson, Tim Hurst, John Ivanko, Lisa Kivirist, Stefanos Kofopoulos, Max Lindberg, Jennifer Lance, Sarah Lozanova, Maria Surma Manka, MC Milker, Joe Mohr, Sarah Nagy, Jason Phillip, Philip Proefrock, Elizabeth Redmond, Keith Rockmael, Mark Seall, Paul Smith, Heidi Suydam, Cassie Walker, Kyle Weatherholtz and Lee Welles. (Sorry if I left anyone out … as I said, this is a fast-growing family of sites!)

Happy birthday, Green Options!


The Florida chapter of the Congress for New Urbanism will focus on climate change when it holds its statewide meeting later this month.

The Nuclear Consultation Working Group is criticizing British officials for manipulating its public input procedures for proposed new nuclear power plants.