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With daily news reports and new studies reinforcing what we already know — that the environment and climate are suffering, and we’re to blame — it’s easy to feel discouraged, helpless and even hopeless. So, for a change, today I’m focusing on something positive and hopeful: Watercone.

This simple yet elegant, portable and 100-percent solar-powered device lets users convert saltwater or brackish, undrinkable water into pure potable drinking water. Each Watercone can product 1.6 liters of clean drinking water a day — enough to meet the needs of one child.

It’s a wonderful innovation that could save many lives. Watercone’s makers point to UNICEF statistics showing that 5,000 children a day die from diarrhea caused by unsafe drinking water. To help change that, Watercone is looking for investors and companies that can help it start producing and distributing its product for a reasonable price. If you’re interested, please contact the company at