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In case you missed it, our modern way of living took a one-two punch this week.

Punch one came when the Energy Watch Group released a report that peak oil is here: global oil production, the report said, peaked last year and can be expected to soon decline by several percent annually.

Punch two was delivered when the InterAcademy Council, a group of science academies from around the world, released its report on “Lighting the Way: Toward a Sustainable Energy Future.”. That report says we — meaning governments, non-governmental agencies, research organizations, businesses and individuals — need to start acting now if we’re going to be assured of a secure energy future that doesn’t involve runaway climate change. It then outlined the several key steps — including stepping up research on renewable energy and finding ways soon to capture and store carbon emissions — we need to take to avoid increased conflict over scarce resources and dangerous climate tipping points.

While it was encouraging to read that there are solutions, it’s not quite as encouraging when you look at how little we’ve managed to achieve so far when it comes to alternative energy and global warming.